WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • Gypsy

    Sweet pomegranate is steeped in a delicate herbal blend to create this nearly indescribable flavor. As one of the first Three Dukes flavors, it has maintained its popularity for years! PG: 20% | VG: 80%
  • A Study in Scarlet

    Fresh strawberry and cream are paired with a smooth mint. Clean and refreshing while subtly sweet, it's the perfect after-dinner vape. PG: 28% | VG: 72%
  • The Duke

    The flavor that started it all! Warm and nutty, this mildly sweet tobacco flavor pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee. Rich chocolate and hazelnut notes round it out to make a great all day vape. PG: 24% | VG: 76%
  • Empress

    Deep, sweet stone fruits are blended with bright berries to create a luxurious vape. This is sure to be your next all day vape! PG: 17% | VG: 83%
  • Aristocrat

    Rich vanilla custard blended with a touch of smooth caramel creates a deeply satisfying dessert vape. This indulgent flavor is perfect for a demanding sweet-tooth. PG: 29% | VG: 71%
  • Jester

    Ripe, juicy peaches are kissed with a smooth vanilla and soaked in a fine aged whiskey. It's the perfect cap to a fine meal or a long day. PG: 22% | VG: 79%
  • Countess

    Tangy melon rests in smooth cream in this rich, sweet vape. Subtle floral notes keep it bright and satisfying all day. PG: 21% | VG: 79%
  • Duchess

    Toasted hazelnut and rich chocolate are blended into a smooth custard in this indulgent flavor. Topped with a touch of fruit, this complex vape is sure to delight and satisfy. PG: 23% | VG: 77%
  • Midsummer’s Night

    This clean, fresh tasting vape is made with sweet crisp melon paired with subtle floral and citrus notes. A great refresher for any tongue! PG: 18% | VG: 82%
  • Turkish Snow

    One taste of this icy, rosy-floral tonic is all it takes to be cured of the dourest of dispositions! This mystical tonic can rejuvenate the soul and lighten the step of even the most downtrodden. A refreshing rose mint. PG: 30% | VG: 70%  
  • Wolf Mother Red

    Strawberries and cream blend together in this rich, creamy dessert. Somewhere between a strawberry pie and a vanilla shake lies Wolf Mother Red. PG: 30% | VG: 70%
  • Peppermint

    A simple, classic peppermint flavor.  Clean and refreshing!
  • NOT FOR SUB-OHM DEVICES A refreshing cool mint blend, bracing as a breeze off the Rockies. You might want to roll the windows back up though; it can get pretty chilly on I-70. PG: 50% | VG: 50%
  • Tigers Blood Remix

    Tigers Blood is one of those tried and true flavors in the vape scene, like RY4 and Black Honey Tobacco.  With its bright Strawberry and creamy Coconut notes, it's no wonder it's stuck around for so long. But much like a top 40 hit, it's gonna get old eventually.  That's when the remixes happen. Tigers Blood REMIX delivers those same sweet notes in a bright, new way.  This flavor's been punched up with tangy citrus notes that really take it in a new direction. Try a bottle today and find out what you didn't know you've been missing.
  • Righteous Root Beer

    You put your coins down on the Pac-Man cabinet, but the kid in front of you is going for the kill screen. It's all good though, because that gives you time to slam down another can of the best root beer in the world. Righteous! PG: 20% | VG: 80%
  • Kokomo

    If you want to go and get away from it all, reach for Kokomo. Sweet and tart tropical fruits are blended in this refreshing cocktail of a flavor. We'll send it to you fast, but make sure you enjoy it slow. PG: 30% | VG: 70% Originally performed by The Beach Boys
  • The Wizard

    Smooth, earthy tobacco is aged with an esoteric blend of dark fruits to create a beguiling vape, perfect for late night contemplation. PG: 30% | VG: 70%
  • Wonder Tonic

    Sharply sweet fruit are paired with a beguiling mix of earthy roots to create a sensation strange yet familiar. Bask in childlike wonder as you discover something new and colorful in a world so drab and grey. The perfect restorative for slouched posture and sluggish eyes. A juicy, sweet pear soaked in absinthe. PG: 30% | VG: 70%  
  • Buckthorne Bitters

    Sweet berries and juicy Prunus persica are combined with an intriguing spiny fruit discovered on a lost sandy shore to create a bracer capable of preparing you for anything life throws your way! Guaranteed to make Gnashroot recede in a fortnight! A tart blend of peach and berry. PG: 30% | VG: 70%  
  • Antiben Cream

    Have you found yourself desiring the intangible? Bright & tangy melon blend with rich creams to produce a taste near indescribable. When enough just isn’t enough, look no further. A succulent melon bathed in cream. PG: 30% | VG: 70%