About Three Dukes Vapor

We started Three Dukes Vapor to stop smoking. Stop ourselves from smoking and to help others stop smoking too.

In 2013, when co-founder Braden Jones started vaping, he was able to kick all the cigarettes except one: his morning coffee cigarette. The problem? The fruit flavors he liked to vape throughout the day didn’t pair well with coffee, so his morning routine went unchanged. Not content with being “all but one” smoke free, Braden began to use his education and experience from the culinary world to experiment on eliquid flavor compositions. After a few iterations, he settled on a final form, a fruity and nutty tobacco flavor. You know it as the The Duke, which became the very first flavor in the Three Dukes Signature line. With his newly perfected vape and coffee pairing, Braden kicked his morning cigarette routine, and he’s never looked back.

Having caught the flavor making bug, Braden continued to experiment with making his own flavor compositions, using his culinary education and experience to find interesting, unique flavor combinations. He never intended the flavors to be anything more than for his personal use, and they might have remained only that if it hadn’t been for co-founder Ian Jones, Braden’s younger brother, who had also used vaping to quit smoking. Ian was so impressed by Braden’s flavors, he started showing them off at his local vape shops. The flavors’ unique and tasty flavor combinations caught the interests of vapers and shop owners alike. It wasn’t long before offers to carry the juice were made, and in January of 2014, Three Dukes Vapor LLC was officially formed and began delivering orders.

The Three Dukes Signature line has received praise from many online reviewers as well as a few high profile sites. Users of GuideToVaping.com voted Three Dukes vapor Best E-Liquid Manufacturer of 2014. Reviewer Phil Busard of TasteYourJuice.com named Gypsy to his “Street Shout-Out” page, indicating it as one of the best tea vapes on the market. Since 2014, stores across the United States and around the world have carried Three Dukes Vapor, allowing us to play a part in the journey of tens of thousands on the path to quit smoking.

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